Can You Put Premium Gas in Any Car?

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If you’ve ever been at the pump and the thought about premium gas has crossed your mind, you’ll be happy to know that you’re not alone! But can you put premium gas in any car and get better performance results? Technically, yes, you can. However, there are different types of gas for a reason.



Macke Motors, Inc. is here to answer your questions about premium and regular fuel and which you should choose for your vehicle. Read on to learn more about the best fuel option for your Carroll commute. If you’re ready to get the best performance out of your vehicle, then let our service center help you!

Why is Premium Gas Considered “Premium?”

When you stop at the gas pump, you’ll see a variety of fuel options with different octane ratings, including 87, 89, and 91. The different numbers correspond to the fuel’s octane levels, which indicate how much it can be compressed. Engines with a standard compression ratio (between 8:1 and 12:1) perform well with 87 octane fuel — or regular gas. Premium gasoline isn’t necessary.

Regular gasoline isn’t the best choice for all types of vehicles, though. If your car has a turbocharged or supercharged engine, which means it has a higher compression ratio, then you’ll want to choose premium fuel with a higher octane rating. In this case, using premium fuel prevents “fuel knocks” or early fuel ignition. Engines with standard compression ratios don’t experience fuel knocks, so regular gasoline is adequate.

What Kind of Gas Does My Car Take?

At our service center near Fort Dodge, we’re often asked, “What kind of gas does my car take?” We’ve answered that question below, along with other questions related to gas in your vehicle!

Can You Put Premium Gas in Any Car?

You can put premium gasoline in a car with a standard compression ratio, and it’ll run just fine. The car won’t get any performance benefits from the premium fuel, though.

What Type of Gas Does My Car Take?

Check your owner’s manual, or ask the service technicians at our Lake City service center. If you drive a luxury or high-performance car, chances are it takes premium fuel. If it’s a mainstream car, regular gas is probably sufficient.

What Happens If I Use Premium Instead of Regular?

If your car has a high compression ratio, premium gas will prevent fuel knocks and allow the engine to live up to its performance potential. If your car has a lower compression ratio, then nothing of note will happen — you’ll just be spending more on fuel for no good reason.

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Do you have any additional questions related to, “Can you put premium gas in any car?” We can help Lake View drivers with all their service needs! Schedule a service appointment, and our service technicians can make sure that your vehicle is running at peak performance! You don’t have to take care of all your vehicle’s maintenance by yourself when you can trust the team at Macke Motors, Inc. to do it for you.


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