Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

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With all of the benefits that come with electric cars, you might be wondering “Do electric cars still need oil changes?” Well the answer is no! That’s one of the best things about owning a fully electric car is that you don’t have to worry about those things. Oil change appointments around Carroll and beyond aren’t something that you’re going to have to consider for the life of your car. But what if you’re driving a hybrid? Do electric cars need oil if they’re hybrids? Hybrids are a little different. Our service center staff wants to help keep you informed, so let’s talk about how these cars differ and what to expect as far as oil changes and other maintenance.



Do Electric Cars Need Oil Changes?

Do electric cars use oil at all? No! A fully electric car runs solely on an electric motor. Because there is no gas engine in an electric car, oil change maintenance is unnecessary. One of the key benefits of electric cars is that there are only one or two maintenance items that need to be kept up with. You will need to rotate and replace the tires, just as you would on a conventional car. But there are very few maintenance costs, for the most part.

Do Electric Cars Need Oil if They’re Not Fully Electric?

Do electric cars use oil if they are hybrid vehicles? A hybrid vehicle is not independent of gasoline like a fully electric car. Oil change appointments will still need to be scheduled because a hybrid car has both an electric motor and a gas combustion engine. These two components work together to deliver a much more fuel-efficient performance than a gas engine by itself. So, that means that all the maintenance that would need to be done for a conventional vehicle that runs on gas would need to be done on a hybrid car, in order to keep it running in top shape on our Fort Dodge roads. That includes oil changes, spark plug changes, replacing the air filter, etc.

Let the Team at Macke Motors, Inc. Help

You don’t have to go far to find experts when it comes to fully electric vehicles. The service center at Macke Motors, Inc. has everything that Lake View drives need when it comes time for auto maintenance, whether it’s on a fully electric car, hybrid, or conventional gas-powered vehicle. Have any questions? Then contact us today, or schedule an appointment online.

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