How Long Does Collision Repair Take

Two Vehicle Accident

It’s important to understand from the start that no two accidents or collisions are the same, and that means that repair times are going to differ for everyone. However, you can get a rough idea of how long the time frame is going to be for how long a collision repair takes when you bring your vehicle into our service center near Carroll with the information below. Our service team is here to make sure that you know everything about how long does collision repair take and more. 



What Happens After an Accident

The first thing that happens immediately after an accident is that a claims adjuster from your insurance company will estimate the damage to your car and give you a repair estimate. This process, which depends on your insurance company, can usually take two to five days before they get you a proper estimate. One of the biggest things that factor into this estimate is the type of damage that your vehicle has sustained as a result of the accident, which can have a big impact. How long does it take for collision repair? It all depends on the extent of damage uncovered during the accident inspection. 

A minor accident, that requires a replaced bumper for example, can be done in a few days. But the worse the damage, the longer a repair is going to take. Part of this comes from our service technician’s dedication to making sure that the repairs are done the first time correctly. If a repair is rushed, it could overlook additional issues. Your vehicle’s make and model can also influence how long a repair takes. 

How Long Does Collision Repairs Take on Average?

This point is important to remember as well, as there is no way for a technician from our service center to fully understand the extent of damage that has occurred or how long a repair can take until they begin the process. That can arise from issues that were previously hidden. For example, you might have been struck from behind while driving around Fort Dodge and when our body techs begin the repair process, they discover that the impact was actually severe enough to bend the frame or subframe. A bent frame is a major issue as it serves as the support structure for your entire car.

The current national average for repairs is estimated to be 12 days, but extensive damage to multiple parts could result in repair times of up to one month. 

Trust Your Service Needs to the Experts at Macke Motors, Inc.

No one wants to get into an accident around Lake View, but you can have peace of mind that when you bring your vehicle into our center at Macke Motors, Inc., we’ll be able to take care of all of your needs with genuine OEM parts designed for your make and model. This means that your repairs are going to be done right the first time for a safer vehicle. If your vehicle needs service today, then schedule service online from the comfort of your own home.


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