How Much Is It To Ceramic Coat A Car?

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Everyone loves that high-gloss finish that comes fresh from the factory when you purchase a new car, but everyday wear and tear can really do a number on your car’s exterior paint. That’s why it’s important for %%target_city_1%5 and Fort Dodge drivers help their cars with a ceramic coating. But what is ceramic coating, and how much is it to ceramic coat a car?

Ceramic coating is a protective coating that bonds to your paint particles, forming a shield against damage.This locks in your paint’s vibrancy while preventing future chips and corrosion from occurring in the first place. Take a deeper dive into what ceramic coating is for cars and how long it takes to ceramic coat a car with Macke Motors, Inc. at our service center.



How Much Does it Cost to Ceramic Coat a Car?

Determining how much to ceramic coat a car isn’t easy. In fact, vehicles can range anywhere from $600 to $3,000! An old SUV with tons of paint damage will take much longer to coat than a brand-new compact hatchback, for example. But here are some factors that you can keep in mind when estimating how much to ceramic coat a car:

  • Age: The better the paint, the easier it will be to ceramic coat the car. A brand-new car will require less paint correction and labor than an older car with rougher paint.
  • Vehicle: Surface area also affects your labor costs. A smaller car will take less work than a larger vehicle.
  • Paint: Lighter colors are more forgiving to the eye, which means they take less paint correction. Darker colors tend to require more work, and that means a bigger bill.

How Long Does it Take to Ceramic Coat a Car?

So, how long does it take to ceramic coat a car in Lake View? Ceramic coating is a labor-intensive process that requires highly skilled technicians. That’s because the coating is applied by hand in multiple layers. And even before the brush touches your paint, the car must be properly prepped in a multi-step process:

  • Prewash
  • Hand wash
  • Paint correction
  • Panel wipe
  • Polish

Paint correction alone can take hours of labor. Why? The ceramic coating must be applied over a completely smooth, even surface. That’s why it’s the easiest to apply on a brand-new car. The more paint correction your car needs, the longer (and pricier) the process will be. On average, ceramic coating takes around 20–30 hours.

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