How Often to Change Spark Plugs

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Your Chevy spark plugs are a small component that plays a huge role in how your car performs on the Carroll roads. And though little maintenance is needed from day to day, eventually you’ll need to replace them. How often to change your spark plugs will depend on your driving habits, but generally, you’ll need a replacement every 30,000 miles or so. Let’s dive into the reasons that spark plugs are so important, and why you’ll benefit from taking good care of them.



When Do You Change Spark Plugs?

Before we discuss how often to change spark plugs, let’s take a look at just what your spark plugs do in the first place. Your Chevy spark plugs are responsible for moving the high-voltage current from the ignition coil into the combustion chamber. In other words, they provide the spark that gets your engine going. If your spark plugs are malfunctioning or wearing out, you’ll see warning signs like:

  • Rough idling
  • Poor acceleration
  • Slow or no start
  • Engine misfire
  • Engine is running rough
  • High fuel consumption

Benefits of Changing Your Spark Plugs

A good set of Chevy spark plugs will help your vehicle run smoothly and steadily on the Fort Dodge roads. But, that’s just the beginning. You might be surprised by just how many benefits your spark plugs provide:

  • Improved fuel economy – Worn spark plugs just aren’t as efficient as fresh ones, and you can gain as much as 30% of your fuel economy back with a replacement.
  • Smoother starts – Spark plugs allow for the continuous production of combustion. That translates into greater dependability on your Lake View commutes, and total peace of mind when you turn the key.
  • Less harmful emissions – Fresh Chevy spark plugs not only deliver better fuel economy figures for you but also fewer harmful emissions into the environment.

Visit Macke Motors, Inc. for Your Service Needs

Now you know how often to change spark plugs, so are you due for a replacement in Lake View? Whether you need fresh Chevy spark plugs or just an oil change, the team at Macke Motors, Inc. will take care of your Chevy in Lake City. Contact us or schedule your appointment online!


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